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CES Summer Century Cycling 2019

Chicago Century Cycling Training

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Looking for more than just a "shop ride"? Have you always wanted to complete a 100 mile century ride, like the North Shore Century or Apple Cider Century? Are you looking to get ready for a charity ride? Want the experience of riding with a group in a supportive setting? Need a program that can help you stay on track and fits into your schedule? CES is here for you.

This year, we are offering a 22-week coached training program, focusing on building cycling fitness throughout the season, culminating at two different events: the North Shore Century on September 15th and the Apple Cider Century on September 29th. Each weekend, we'll lead supportive, group rides, with three pace groups based on experience and fitness level, to offer a challenge to every level. The training schedules that accompany the group rides will be customized for each level, offering you the opportunity to progress at your own pace. Coaches will be there to offer advice, encouragement, and support (plus the ability to find your way home). You'll be able to move from one pace group to another as your fitness improves or you want a little more of a challenge or need to take a break.

Weekly Group Rides

These are "no drop" rides (see requirements and caveats below) that understand that not everyone has pack riding experience. The program is progressive by design over the 20 weeks and designed to build and maintain a level of fitness over the course of the cycling season. Intensity can be added or reduced at your discretion (and with a little advice from the coaches). This structure makes it ideal for those with a mid-season goal, an end of season goal, or someone looking for a season long group ride.

Rides will take you off the lakefront bike path and explore the great riding along the Northshore suburbs, Barrington, and Buffalo Grove. Cue sheets and online maps will be provided so that you can repeat a route on your own.

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Training Dates & Locations

22 weeks beginning Saturday May 4th – September 21st

Saturdays — 7:00am — Training locations will be varying between:
  • Plaza del Lago in Evanston — See map
  • Rylko Park in Buffalo Grove — See map

BONUS: Free parking is available at all of our Saturday group training sessions!
NOTE: There will not be a group ride for Memorial or Labor Day weekends.

First Group Training Ride(s)

Saturday, May 4th - starts at 7:30am*
Precision Multisport in Evanston (2114 Jackson Ave., Evanston, IL)
*NOTE: All other sessions will begin at 7am

Join us at our first Group Training Ride & "Getting Started" Clinics. For our first session, we'll meet at Precision Multisport (2114 Jackson, Evanston, IL 60201). We will start with a couple of clinics covering the basics of maintenance, shifting/pedaling and a brief "Skills, Etiquette & Safety" overview, then head out for our first ride.

If you haven't registered, you must do so prior to the ride. See you there!

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Chicago Century Cycling Training

Program Benefits

Not only do you get to have a lot of fun, but you also get a ton of great stuff! Check it out:

  • Professional, experienced (and nice!) coaches (more details)
  • Personalized, daily training schedule for all levels, delivered via FREE Training Peaks account!
  • Weekly e-newsletter with tips on training & program updates
  • Weekly tips for training and Q & A at all training sessions with our coaches
  • Educational seminars & clinics (more info below)
  • Team & Coach support at the North Shore Century and Apple Cider Century rides
  • Discounts & support from Get a Grip Cycles
  • Option to order custom, CES cycling apparel from Voler — at below retail cost!
    • First orders will be placed in May
  • Fun, team social activities


  CES Alumni New Members
22-Week Season $160 $170


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FREE Training Peaks Online Training Schedule & Log

  • Your daily training schedules will be delivered via Training Peaks — the leading Interactive web based training and nutrition log to help you achieve your goals. Log training & meals, track daily metrics (weight, sleep, etc.), upload workouts from your training devices (80+ devices supported, GPS, HR monitors, etc.), FREE iPhone app and mobile site available and MUCH more!

Participation Requirements

  • Must possess a road bike. A road bike is light weight and makes riding easier and faster.
  • Must possess cycling shorts, helmet, 2 water bottles, flat repair kit.
  • Cycling shoes are strongly suggested.
  • Must be able to complete 25 mile ride, within the pacing range listed below.

Pace Group information

Coaches will make their way between and among each group. They will stay with the main group of riders and cannot chase down those who strike out on their own, or can't hold the stated pace. Pace range is an average ride speed (not a peak speed briefly flirted with on a downhill with a tailwind).

  • Three Pace Groups
    • 17–21mph average
    • 15–18mph average
    • 13–16mph average


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Clinics & Seminars

If you truly want to reach your goals, you need to do more than just put in the miles! Throughout the program, we will cover all aspects of bike fit, basic maintenance, group riding strategies and technique. Each week will focus on a specific skill set, both on and off the bike, such as:

  • Off the bike
    • Flat Tire Repair
  • On the bike
    • On-road etiquette
    • Cornering
    • Efficiency
      • Cadence
      • Shifting
      • Climbing
      • Gearing
      • Paceline
    • Traffic Strategies
    • Emergency Tactics


Our Coaching Staff

Jordan Grauer

Jordan Grauer

Our head cycling coach, Jordan Grauer, has been an avid cyclist for almost 30 years and still fondly remembers his first racing bike. He's been a competitive cyclist since college, and in 1995, qualified for and successfully completed the 1,200 kilometer Paris-Brest-Paris ultramarathon cycling race. As co-owner and operator of Higher Gear bicycles for 13 years (1993-2005), Jordan was a key sponsor of Club Bicicletta, an amateur cycling club affiliated with the Higher Gear/Vox team. He has also led bicycle tours through Canada, France, Scotland, England, Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand.

We're extremely proud of our professional, experienced coaching staff — they always go the extra mile to make sure you have a fun, successful training season! Why is it so important to have qualified coaches? They can:

  • Evaluate your current fitness level and goals to make sure you are training at an appropriate level
  • Evaluate and suggest ways to improve your technique
  • Assist you if you need to adjust your training schedule, in the event of an injury or missed training due to travel or life in general
  • Motivate and challenge you to reach your goals in a smart, safe & effective manner

For more information on all of our coaches, click here.


How to Register

Online registration is available by clicking on the link below:

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Refund Policy

No refunds will be provided in full or in part for any reason, including injury, after a program begins. No prorated fees are provided for late enrollments.


Please contact us at for more information.